Peggy’s Cove Infrastructure Improvement Strategy


Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia


Community of Peggy's Cove, ACOA, Tourism Nova Scotia, Transportation & Active Transit


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The new viewing deck is a key piece of the infrastructure improvement strategy focused on creating a safe and accessible visitor experience.

The design was developed in close collaboration with the community and the work was led by Develop Nova Scotia and is funded by Tourism Nova Scotia’s Tourism Revitalization of Icons Program (TRIP), the Province of Nova Scotia, and ACOA.

The viewing deck and railings are made of wood and steel, materials that will last and are complementary to the rugged terrain. The rail guard will be steel knit pattern that resembles fish net. It will be set into the landscape and take the shape of the rock so as to avoid overshadowing the real attraction at Peggy’s Cove—the lighthouse, the landscape, and waves. Lighting is subtle and focused on safety, placed with the handrail or wheel guards, so as not to detract from the landscape and lighthouse at night.

Most of the viewing deck was built on top of an old roadway and reclaims a space for cars to create a safe and accessible place for people.

It is a public space where people can view the lighthouse and experience the waves and rocks in a way that is fully accessible and provides a safer viewing option for all.

Other related improvements include public washrooms and improvements to trail connections that lead to the lighthouse and nearby parking area.

The viewing deck and lighthouse washroom opened to the public on Monday, October 18. The lighthouse washroom operates 7 days a week from 9am-7pm.