Halifax Marina

Step off your vessel and arrive in the heart of downtown Halifax. The city’s vibrant waterfront development is brimming with rich maritime history, lively traditional culture and superb dining experiences. Stroll along the Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk, visit museums, taste our fresh-from-the-sea shellfish, and don’t be surprised if you hear the strains of a fiddle or bagpipe.

Our sailing season generally runs from May to October. The Halifax waterfront offers eight berthing locations over more than 1 kilometre (.6 mile) of public berth space providing more than 457 metres (1500 feet) of floating docks.

Day berths along the waterfront are free of charge with your registered berthing pass.


Power Service

Please inquire with our Marina Office for available berths with power and applicable rates. 30, 50, 100 and 200amp services are available for overnight berths in select locations.


General security is provided 24/7 along the Halifax waterfront. Please contact the security office at 902.471.5070 or email security@developns.ca for assistance or after-hours arrival.

Waste Disposal

Waste and recycling locations are available for visiting vessels.

Water Service

Water is available for overnight visiting vessels at select locations. Please inquire with our Marina Office.


Pay & Display parking is located at various locations along Lower Water Street and close to the boardwalk. Rates: $3/hour;  $16/day (8am to 6pm); $6/night (6pm to 8am).

Wireless Internet

The Halifax waterfront offers free wireless service provided by Halifax Regional Municipality in key public areas.


Cunard Seawall

200 ft. (60.9 m) seawall

Maritime Museum Wharf

340 ft (103.6 m)

McNabs Island

150 ft (45m) floating dock

Purdy’s Wharf

390 ft. (27.4 m) floating dock

Salter Boardwalk

426 ft. (130 m) seawall

South Battery Pier (near Bishop’s Landing)

520 ft. (158.5 m) floating dock

Tall Ship Quay

350 ft. (106.6 m) seawall


Public Berthing

Daytime berthing is FREE with your registered Berthing Pass. Please call 902-229-2628 or email marina@developns.ca to obtain a pass.

Overnight Berthing

Vessel Categories & Rates:

< 50 ft  $2.00/ft + HST

50-80 ft $2.50/ft + HST

> 80 ft   $3.75/ft + HST

Booking and Cancellation Policy

(Note: Cable Wharf South Side, and Queen’s Marque are not available for berthing during the 2020 season, due to ongoing construction on the Queen’s Marque project).

More About Halifax Marina

Welcome to our Visitors by Water

Berths at the Halifax waterfront can accommodate all sizes of watercraft, from under 50 ft. to the superyachts. In fact, we are a proud member of the US Superyacht Association.

A Waterfront with High Environmental Standards

The Halifax waterfront is recognized for meeting high environmental standards and has earned the respected Blue Flag designation.

Visiting Ship Program

Ships and crew from Canada and around the world visit our waterfront. We invite visitors to learn more about the vessels and take advantage of free public boardings. Past visits have included Tall Ships Gloria from Colombia and Cuauhtemoc from Mexico, the Canadian schooner Katie Belle and the USCGC Eagle. Contact our Marina Office at marina@developns.ca for more information on scheduled visits.


Lunenburg Waterfront Highlights

Welcome to the Lunenburg Waterfront Association’s (LWAI’s) 16th summer review of our ongoing project to preserve and energize our working waterfront. Due to COVID’s public health precautions we have delayed our annual public symposium and have prepared a “virtual meeting report”…

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Small Commercial Marine Business Opportunities

It is an exciting time to be in Nova Scotia at the water’s edge. It is where our ocean economy is building. It is where world-class researchers and industry innovate and collaborate to connect with new markets. It is where…

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Arts District Design Competition

June 2020 Update — Phase one of the international Design Competition for the new Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and vibrant Public Space is now complete. In early July phase two of the competition will commence, when three successful teams…

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Lunenburg Shipyard Revitalization Project

On May 27/20, the Province announced an investment of up to $230M to improve infrastructure and help get the economy moving again. The funding will support more than 200 shovel ready projects, creating up to 2000 jobs. A number of these…

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Develop Nova Scotia brings Open City under wing

It’s time to Re-Open City! As Nova Scotia’s economy gradually opens up our local businesses need our support now more than ever. So, we worked our partners rejigged a well-loved event to help kick it into high gear. We think…

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Operations and Maintenance Industry Opportunities

Are you in the operations and maintenance service and supports industry? Our two-stage Request for Supplier Qualifications (RFSQ) will potentially cover a range of service areas. We’ll  use the results of this RFSQ to pre-qualify and as may be required, select professional…

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Zwicker Warehouse Project

On May 27/20, the Province announced an investment of up to $230M to improve infrastructure and help get the economy moving again. The funding will support more than 200 shovel ready projects, creating up to 2000 jobs. A number of…

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Leasing Opportunity - Lunenburg Waterfront

Develop Nova Scotia is seeking a tenant to occupy the second floor of the Shipyard Warehouse (4 Burma Road, Lunenburg) on the historic Lunenburg waterfront. The Shipyard Warehouse is situated within the shipyard district and is an excellent opportunity for…

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Halifax Waterfront

Sea Bridge

The Sea Bridge consisted of 520 feet of floating dock on the Halifax waterfront which conveyed pedestrians between Cable Wharf and Museum Wharf North, near CSS Acadia. Now that the substantial public space in the Queen’s Marque precinct begins to…

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Community Engagement - Inverness Growth Management Strategy

Work will continue throughout Spring, Summer and Fall 2020. The Inverness Growth Management Strategy web portal can be found here.   The Municipality of the County of Inverness in partnership with Develop Nova Scotia and UPLAND Planning + Design Studio…

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