Peggy’s Cove Construction Updates

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Last updated: April 1 2021 | 2:00pm

Look ahead for APRIL 2021

Road, Breakwater and VIC Parking Lot Work

  • Road. The new turnaround will be lowered, along with the installation of the new curb, sidewalk, and lay-by area (early April)
  • VIC Parking Lot. Minor repairs to sidewalks and curbs in the VIC parking lot are coming up in April.
  • Breakwater. Develop Nova Scotia is working with the contractor to complete the final inspection of the breakwater and correct any deficiencies in design.
  • Lobster Lane. Greytop will be carrying out some rock breaking on Lobster Lane beginning on Monday April 5. This work is required to complete the drainage culvert and catch basin work. Lobster Lane will be inaccessible by vehicle for 1-3 days. We are working directly with affected property owners and residents to ensure construction mitigation plans are in place.

DeGarthe Studio and Community Common Work

  • DeGarthe Studio. The studio was moved back to its original location (and new crib) on Tuesday, March 30. Door and window installation and inside finishing touches are scheduled for April.
  • Cove Washroom. Final grading for the Cove washroom will begin as temperatures increase (likely April/May).
  • Cove Common Area. The piles and caps for the boardwalk will be installed in March/April and work on the boardwalk proper is scheduled to begin in April.
  • Cove Common Area. The stage/decking for the common area is underway and scheduled to be completed in April.

Viewing Deck and Lighthouse Washroom

  • Viewing Deck. Work on grade beams is ongoing in early April and there is some final grading and compacting to one area of the site that is still in progress 
  • Viewing Deck. Form work and concrete pours are schedule to begin this month (weather depending)
  • Lighthouse Washroom. The tender for construction of the lighthouse washroom was awarded on March 30 to Greytop Commercial Construction.
  • Lighthouse Washroom. Develop Nova Scotia is working with design consultants finalize the design of the lighthouse washroom. These design revisions are based on the feedback received from both the Commission and residents. Following that, materials for construction will be ordered. We will keep you posted on the timeline for this project as it continues and connect with all impacted property owners well in advance to ensure construction mitigation plans work for everyone. 

General Updates

  • Develop Nova Scotia is beginning to gather community input and feedback to build a “deficiencies list” that will outline the finer details that need to be put back together as various phases of construction wrap up. This will include gathering community input on landscaping, plantings, etc.
  • Develop Nova Scotia’s on-site hours and schedule are available on the main project page, along with contact information for scheduling meetings and discussions outside of those hours.  
  • A mail out of March communications, including a full summary of the March 11 community meeting will be distributed in April.
  • Stay tuned for details on the next community and public meetings in the coming weeks. 


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