Quick Facts:

  • Budget: $1.6M
  • The project is located on the harbour side of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
  • Acadia Wharf is home to CSS¬†Acadia, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic’s Canadian Scientific Ship, and seasonally the iconic Bluenose II


Develop Nova Scotia with the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and other stakeholders, are working to improve coastal infrastructure along the existing Acadia Wharf on the Halifax side of the harbour. CSS Acadia permanently berths along the North side of the Acadia wharf while Bluenose II seasonally berths along the south side seasonally.

Work includes the construction of a 18 metre long extension at the east end of the existing Acadia Wharf inclusive of a ramped transition between the existing wharf and the new extension. This project also includes the construction of floats for future floating infrastructure, improvements to the electrical and water servicing as well miscellaneous work to accommodate a new berthing location of CSS Acadia, further to the east from existing location alongside the north of this wharf. All new infrastructure is expected to be constructed to enhance accessibility and adapt to climate change projections. As a result, the new extension gently ramps up to the extended portion of the wharf, which is slightly elevated from existing.

This revitalization will improve experience of museum-goers and waterfront users with enhanced access to both CCS Acadia and Bluenose II and increase opportunities for activation of additional in-water programming by Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.


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