Big Boat Shed


As one of the anchor points for the Lunenburg waterfront, the Big Boat Shed stands as the focal point and first big move of redevelopment of the shipyard precinct. The building underwent structural and functional improvements, to allow it to continue as a place of wooden boat construction and repair, as well as to open these activities up as part of the waterfront visitor experience.

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View our Lunenburg Waterfront Master Plan, created with the community, and Lunenburg Working Waterfront videos here.


Located on the Smith and Rhuland boatyard on the historic Lunenburg Waterfront, Big Boat Shed was built in the 1930s and served as a boat-building factory for decades. Dozens of vessels were built in this shipyard, including the Bluenose I and the Bluenose II. During this time, the Big Boat Shed served as a workshop for generations of skilled craftsman, including carpenters and welders. Over the years, the Big Boat Shed has undergone a number of retrofits.


Lunenburg Waterfront

Lunenburg Big Boat Shed Investment

The province and the Government of Canada are investing $1.5 million to revitalize and enhance the Big Boat Shed on Nova Scotia’s iconic Lunenburg waterfront.

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