Harbour Islands Visitor Experience Strategy

Develop Nova Scotia is leading the development of the Visitor Experience Strategy for the Halifax Harbour Islands.

Peggys Cove Master Plan

Develop Nova Scotia, together with a planning consultant, is in the process of developing a Comprehensive Master Plan in consultation with area residents and community stakeholders. Consultation was held in February and March of 2019, with a draft plan now underway.

Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative

Connectivity and accessibility—including Internet connectivity—are important factors in building places where businesses and people flourish. That’s why Develop Nova Scotia is designing and managing the implementation strategy for the Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative in connection with the Nova Scotia Internet Funding Trust.

Big Boat Shed

As one of the anchor points for the Lunenburg waterfront, the Big Boat Shed stands as the focal point and first big move of redevelopment of the shipyard precinct. The building requires structural and functional improvements to allow it to continue as a place of wooden boat construction and repair as well as to open these activities up as part of the waterfront visitor experience.

Queen’s Marque

Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative

Peggys Cove Master Plan

Big Boat Shed

Zwicker Wharf

Cunard Outdoor design


Dartmouth Cove

Dartmouth Cove Master Plan

Harbour Islands Visitor Experience Strategy

Waterview of Lunenburg

Lunenburg Waterfront Master Plan


Boardwalk North

Project Design for Nathan Green Square

Nathan Green Square



Tables outside at night

Foundation Place

Bedford Waterfront Lands

Telford Bridge

Dartmouth Harbourwalk

Project design for Sands at Salter

Sands at Salter

Sackville Landing