Marine Life

Halifax Harbour is not just a feature of our cityscape – it is also an important marine ecosystem. As you stroll the boardwalk, take a peak over the edge. At low tide, you will see clusters of tiny white barnacles and dark black mussels (yup, the same type of mussels we can eat!) clinging to exposed rocks and posts, with marine snails scattered amongst them. These invertebrates might look like very simple creatures, but they are tough – they have to be able to survive both under the sea and exposed to the air! At high tide, in early summer, keep your eyes peeled for jellyfish bobbing and pulsing just under the surface of the water. Scan a little further away and you might be lucky enough to see a curious harbour seal pop up to take a look around. See an angler pull up shiny, striped fish? Those are Atlantic mackerel – a (much smaller!) relative of tuna.