Pictou Waterfront Master Plan

Pictou waterfront showing colourful buildings and Hector sailing ship

The Town of Pictou is partnering with Develop Nova Scotia to find a qualified consultant to undertake a master plan for Pictou’s Waterfront.

The plan will position the waterfront as a destination for Pictonians and visitors; to ensure that the waterfront is developed in a strategic and sustainable manner, providing places for community to gather, businesses to start-up and grow and marine industry to thrive.

There’s a lot of renewal and investment underway in the Town of Pictou including marine infrastructure improvements, renewal of Hector Heritage Quay Interpretive Centre and Ship Hector Replica, and a new Cultural Hub. The development of a Master Plan will help ensure the waterfront is developed in a strategic and sustainable way.

Consultants interested in creating a new waterfront strategy are invited to submit a proposal by June 4/21. More details herePublic consultation will also be a key part of the planning.


Photo Credit: Tourism Nova Scotia / Ordinary Traveler


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