Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative – August 2019 – Second Update

Request for Qualified Suppliers #2 – Develop Nova Scotia Seeks Additional Providers

On August 21, 2019 Develop Nova Scotia issued a call to find additional qualified providers to enhance and extend high-speed Internet to Nova Scotian homes and businesses.

In February 2019, the Crown announced a list of 10 pre-approved providers that would be invited to submit proposals for high-speed Internet solutions for Nova Scotia. These 10 providers were included in the invitation to respond to our 1st Request for Proposals (RFP) which closed at the end of June.

As we mentioned in our last update, multiple proposals in all provincial zones were received and negotiations are now underway with leading bidders. Announcements are expected in the fall once contracts are signed.

Now, in advance of our 2nd Request for Proposals scheduled for this fall, we are seeking additional providers to add to our pre-qualified list.

We believe having more organizations to bid on solutions will increase options for solutions and potentially open the door for more evolving technologies. This will allow Develop Nova Scotia to attract solutions that will provide better value for Nova Scotians.

More information can be found here.