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Reopening Nova Scotia

New Gathering Limits
Information on preparing to reopen Nova Scotia
Next steps to reopen Nova Scotia, Support for Business Announced
New gathering limit, more steps to reopen Nova Scotia
Further Lifting of Restrictions, New Gathering Limits

Halifax Waterfront

While the Halifax waterfront is a vital public space, it’s important that we all continue to follow the recommended public health guidelines and keep a safe physical distance from other people outside of your group of up to 10 people.  Please help keep the waterfront a place where individuals can get outside, exercise, enjoy the views and support our local businesses and partners.

Important public health guidelines:

  • Walk to exercise, not to socialize (outside of your group)
  • Keep moving and don’t gather along the waterfront
  • Limit your group to no more than 10 people (physical distancing not required in these groups). People in a group are not required to be exclusive but they are strongly encouraged to maintain a consistent group.  
  • Keep the three Cs in mind: caring, community, and common sense
  • If you are running or cycling, exercise extra caution when passing pedestrians and maintain as much physical distance as possible
  • If you do visit the waterfront (or anywhere else), remember that it is important to separate yourself physically and maintain a six-foot distance from others, outside of your group of up to 10

You can continue to put your feet (your paws, your wheels) to work along the 4km of boardwalk, but please follow our Province’s direction to ensure your waterfront remains a safe space for fresh air, exercise, and perspective. The waterfront play structures are now open.

For the most up-to-date provincial information about COVID-19, click here.

Develop Nova Scotia’s waterfront operations

Even though the Develop Nova Scotia team is working remotely, we still have an active presence on the Halifax waterfront. Here is what we’re doing to maintain access while prioritizing the health and safety of our staff and community:

  • 24/7 security services continue
  • Cleanliness and safety checks of all waterfront properties throughout the day
  • We temporarily removed some seating that might encourage people to linger instead of moving through, including the hammocks, and sectioning off picnic tables.  They’re being added back in as safe to do so.
  • While we believe busking adds to the vibrancy of our waterfront and city, we need to ensure that people are maintaining safe social distancing and not gathering. For these reasons, our Busking Program is on hold, for now. We’ll update when this is back in place and look forward to welcoming you.

For the most up-to-date provincial updates on COVID-19, please click here.

2020 Events

Join us for Re-Open City for 4 consecutive weekends starting June 27. Now, more than ever, we need to support our local businesses (safely). Re-Open City is a celebration of all the entrepreneurs and small business in Halifax and Dartmouth that make our community so special, vibrant and exciting.

Many of our event and programming partners on the Halifax and Lunenburg waterfronts are adjusting their plans and schedules in light of COVID-19 and the public health guidelines.

As things unfold and new plans start to come together, we will work closely with our events partners to keep you informed. We’re looking forward to gathering at the water’s edge again when it’s safe to do so.

Gatherings of up to 250 outdoors (200 indoors) will now be allowed if organized by event planners/businesses but people must observe physical distancing of two metres or six feet.

The larger gathering limit applies to social events, faith gatherings, sports and physical activity, weddings and funerals, and arts and culture events like theatre performances, dance recitals, festivals and concerts.

Stay tuned on some of the activations we’re looking at with our partners for this season including:

Marina Update

Welcome Back Boaters

The Halifax and Lunenburg Marinas are now open for local boaters, with important guidelines in place. To ensure you and our community stay safe, please ensure you follow important guidelines which include:

  • Keep a distance of at least 6 feet or 2 metres outside of groups of up to 10 (not required to physical distance). People in a group are not required to be exclusive but they are strongly encouraged to maintain a consistent group.  
  • Avoid using boat ramps while other people are on them
  • Refrain from beaching your boat right next to someone else
  • Avoid sharing your boating or fishing equipment
  • No rafting at docks 

Additional information is available at:
Province of Nova Scotia  
Transport Canada 
COVID-19 Physical Distancing and Safe Boating for Canadians
Guidelines for Pleasure Craft during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Options & Contacts:

Free daytime berthing and overnight bookings are now available.   Please contact our Marina Staff for availability as not all locations may be deployed/available at this time.

Halifax Waterfront Marina:           902.229.2628;
Lunenburg Waterfront Marina:     902.521.3012;

Note: Any vessel entering Canada is subject to pre-approval by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). No recreational visits are permitted at this time in line with the Canada/US border closure. CBSA has been permitting temporary vessel entry into Canada for essential services. Crews are required to follow all directives of the attending CBSA officer which can include specific directives based on each individual crew members circumstance.

Additional Information:
Our COVID-19 updates
For more on our marina programs, please visit Halifax Waterfront Marina and Lunenburg Waterfront Marina

Enjoy your waterfront responsibly.   

Seasonal Businesses

Welcome Back

Our seasonal businesses on the Halifax waterfront have reopened with important guidelines in place. Businesses will follow provincial health and safety directives as well as those from all pertinent regulatory agencies.

  • Keep a distance of at least 6 feet or 2 metres (markers will be in place)  
  • Food and beverage kiosks are take out (or delivery only – will vary depending on business). Please move along once you pick up your order.
  • There is a mix of seating along the waterfront to enjoy the views and your purchases.
  • Many patios and restaurants are now open. Please follow physical distancing guidelines they have in place.

Enjoy your waterfront responsibly.  


Our public washrooms at Salt Yard on the Halifax waterfront and on the Lunenburg waterfront opened for June 1.

We will have health and safety protocols in place including physical distancing markers. The washrooms will be professionally cleaned and sanitized multiple times daily, with the final cleaning including an extra sanitization step. This takes place using an electrostatic disinfecting spray.


Please note: Hourly, daily and nightly paid parking on the Halifax waterfront resumed on June 1. More information on locations and rates is available here.

Parking revenue is reinvested to create and maintain high-quality public spaces for people to enjoy and to support family friendly events (when safe to do so). 

Current Working Environment

Although we have a mix of staff working remotely as well as on site (following provincial health directives), our office is not currently open to the public. We remain fully operational. If you need assistance, here is how you can contact us:

Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative

Develop Nova Scotia is focused on advancing existing high-speed Internet projects as quickly as possible, including identifying interim solutions to bridge the gap, as we work to bring new projects online. We are making good progress, but we recognize there is a lot of work left to do and we are fully aware of the communities that remain underserved and unserved. Click here to read our latest update and some common questions and answers.

Procurement Updates

Under the guidance of the Province, the Develop Nova Scotia staff are all working remotely and we remain fully operational. We recognize that this may be the case for potential suppliers. As such we have made the following changes to our procurement process during this time:

  • Tender Closing Dates: check carefully for addendums as some may have been adjusted
  • Effective immediately, all submissions are to be delivered electronically (by email) to Hard copy submissions (mailed) or faxed copies will not be accepted. Submission and file details can be found here.


Lunenburg Waterfront Highlights

Welcome to the Lunenburg Waterfront Association’s (LWAI’s) 16th summer review of our ongoing project to preserve and energize our working waterfront. Due to COVID’s public health precautions we have delayed our annual public symposium and have prepared a “virtual meeting report”…

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Small Commercial Marine Business Opportunities

It is an exciting time to be in Nova Scotia at the water’s edge. It is where our ocean economy is building. It is where world-class researchers and industry innovate and collaborate to connect with new markets. It is where…

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Arts District Design Competition

June 2020 Update — Phase one of the international Design Competition for the new Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and vibrant Public Space is now complete. In early July phase two of the competition will commence, when three successful teams…

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Lunenburg Shipyard Revitalization Project

On May 27/20, the Province announced an investment of up to $230M to improve infrastructure and help get the economy moving again. The funding will support more than 200 shovel ready projects, creating up to 2000 jobs. A number of these…

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Develop Nova Scotia brings Open City under wing

It’s time to Re-Open City! As Nova Scotia’s economy gradually opens up our local businesses need our support now more than ever. So, we worked our partners rejigged a well-loved event to help kick it into high gear. We think…

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Operations and Maintenance Industry Opportunities

Are you in the operations and maintenance service and supports industry? Our two-stage Request for Supplier Qualifications (RFSQ) will potentially cover a range of service areas. We’ll  use the results of this RFSQ to pre-qualify and as may be required, select professional…

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Zwicker Warehouse Project

On May 27/20, the Province announced an investment of up to $230M to improve infrastructure and help get the economy moving again. The funding will support more than 200 shovel ready projects, creating up to 2000 jobs. A number of…

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Leasing Opportunity - Lunenburg Waterfront

Develop Nova Scotia is seeking a tenant to occupy the second floor of the Shipyard Warehouse (4 Burma Road, Lunenburg) on the historic Lunenburg waterfront. The Shipyard Warehouse is situated within the shipyard district and is an excellent opportunity for…

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Halifax Waterfront

Sea Bridge

The Sea Bridge consisted of 520 feet of floating dock on the Halifax waterfront which conveyed pedestrians between Cable Wharf and Museum Wharf North, near CSS Acadia. Now that the substantial public space in the Queen’s Marque precinct begins to…

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Community Engagement - Inverness Growth Management Strategy

Work will continue throughout Spring, Summer and Fall 2020. The Inverness Growth Management Strategy web portal can be found here.   The Municipality of the County of Inverness in partnership with Develop Nova Scotia and UPLAND Planning + Design Studio…

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